Batch Publish

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This function is used to publish a batch of local projects at the same time.

Tips.pngOnly server administrators can publish a batch of projects.


Input Data Requirements

Project files (.osprj or .ostxt files) are uses as input files.

Choose Project Format

The user has the option of either publishing Binary files (.osprj files) or Text files (.ostxt files). It should be noted that information stored in the Project Properties fields of an .osprj file are used to automatically populate the meta data being batch-published. To edit project properties during publishing, please use Publish.



After selecting the files to be published, the data are uploaded to the server. When uploading is complete, the published projects will be searchable in the Search Wizard.

Please note that all datasets, including Ngs Data objects, are published. As Ngs Data only contains links to the local Ngs files (e.g. .bam files), and the Ngs files are not automatically uploaded to the server by this function, users will need to update these links to corresponding server file paths, for functions requiring NgsData to work on these objects.

By default, batch-published projects can be read by "administrators" and "standard users", and can be edited by "administrators". To change the access privileges when publishing, please use the BatchPublishProject OmicScript.



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