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Add Rows to Table


The "Add Rows" Table menu option allows the user to add empty rows to a Table. To run this function, go to Table | Rows | Add Rows

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Input Data Requirements

This function works on Table objects. However, it will not work on Design or Annotation tables, as these have fixed rows. This will also not work on Inference Reports.

Step 1: Select source table

The user will first be prompted to choose the table on which to add rows:


Step 2: Add rows

Once the table is selected, the "Add Rows" window is presented.


  • Row prefix:The user has the option of entering a row prefix (in the example shown below, the header for every added row will be prefixed with the word "Row".
  • How many rows to add: If multiple rows are added, they will be numerically prefixed (i.e. Row25, Row26, etc...). In the example, the user is adding 1 additional row.
  • Add Where: The user has the option to add the row Before first row, After last row, After selected row (in which case the user can choose a row in the large box in the center of the window).

Output Results

A new table will be created in the Solution Explorer.


The number and the location of extra rows will appear in the new table as defined in step 2. The user can directly edit the contents of the row.

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